The sky is not the limit

Crowd Funding for Space Enabled Technology

Space related technology is one of the most promising and growing industries of the decade.
Profit from investing in start-ups alongside professional lead investors.

Why Space

According to SpaceFoundation, the global space industry is forecast
to grow from € 345 billion in 2013 to € 560 billion by 2030.

The major drivers for the space commercialization are:

  • Privatization of satellite and rocket launch operators
    (the NewSpace Industry)
  • Ongoing cost reduction through miniaturization of satellite systems
    (nano and pico satellites)
  • Accessibility of data streams for private sector applications which
    were previously classified by government and military
  • New infrastructure systems such as Galileo and Copernikus

Space technology value chain:

  • Especially the privatization of the upstream (rockets and satellites) space industry and  the miniaturization of satellite technology leads into significantly lower costs to operate satellite systems in space.
  • Cloud system development (e.g. Amazon and Google) have supported the ability to process ongoing Big Raw Data information streams for non-Governmental / non-military applications.
  • Sensors systems (picture, location, communication) mounted on satellites experience a  tremendous development in quality of data and broadness of application fields.
  • With the availability of former classified satellite data to the private sector, a new industry of software developers has arisen to put the necessary logic behind the raw data and make it productive.
  • Such software systems give rise to a new field of commercial customer applications.

That is why we strongly believe in the transfer of space technology into the space enabled and non-space industry.


Why SpaceCrowd?

  • SpaceCrowd is an equity based crowd investing platform.
  • We are a pan-European platform for international seed and early-stage ventures.
  • We offer deal opportunities alongside lead investors to minimize risk.
  • We have a tax optimized business model for all of our investors.

We see major trends from an investment perspective:

  • Fastest growing industry.
  • Game changing and disruptive innovations.
  • Space industry is the backbone of the digital business of the future.

For Investors

We have chosen to offer investments through a crowd investing platform, as we see:

  • The crowd industry is growing in a way that it will potentially overtake classic venture  capital and private equity investment volumes in the very near future.
  • A broad interest in space technology by the crowd investing community and the opportunity to be part of a game changing development.
  • The possibility to invest in technology with comparably small amounts of money.

With a hybrid structure we achieve the de-risking of our deals. Our crowd investors can invest into those deals the professional direct investors have already put their money in - at the same conditions.

For Ventures

We are open for start-ups and ventures now!

If you belong to those ones who have a great idea in SpaceTech and you are lacking the necessary funds to develop your vision, SpaceCrowd will help you to get your business off the ground.

What do we offer to you:

  • We are dedicated to the space industry only (upstream and downstream)
  • We bring long years venture experiences to the table
  • We have an understanding for founders needs
  • We have a widely spread expert network
  • We can give valuable support on business,  market and technology development
  • We boost your business through active marketing
  • Our ventures can get access to various strategic partners on preferred conditions